Highway Safety Improvements Program, Highway PR-20 Km 0.00 to Km 10.00 Municipality of Guaynabo and San Juan, PR

Pavement Rehabilitation and Safety Improvements Highway PR-10 Km 0.00 to Km 29.8, Municipalities of Ponce and Adjuntas, PR

Bridge Undermining Mitigation: PR-174 Km 13.7; No. 1532 PR-175 Km 11.8; and Replacement of PR-852 Bridge

Traffic Incident Management Facilities, Highway PR-66, Municipality of Carolina, PR

Installation of a Temporary Modular Steel Bridge No. 2574 Over Prieto River (Off) PR-428 Km 2.0 Maricao, PR

Accelerated Highway Improvement, Highway PR-52 Km 55.30 to Km 61.00, Municipality of Salinas, PR

Accelerated Highway Improvement, Highway PR-52 Km 49.00 to Km 52.30, Municipality of Salinas, PR

Construction of Noise Barrier de Diego Toll Road Highway PR-22 Km 12.50 to 13.00 Los Almendros Development, Municipality of Bayamón, PR

Bridges and Structures Maintenance and Bridges Inspections for PR-22 and PR-5

Installation of Modular Bridge System Over Culebrinas River Moca, PR